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Building a Carbon-Free Future

Okapi’s clear strategy is to become a new leader in North American carbon-free nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy is making a massive contribution to combating climate change as it meets the global energy demand responsibly and safely.

Meeting the Global energy demand from nuclear energy is a better alternative than fossil fuels to be sustainable long term. Therefore, switching to an energy source such as nuclear energy, is a better solution for a carbon free future.

Nuclear reactors produce the electricity needed to meet global energy demand responsibly

Nuclear power plants produce large amounts of electricity from relatively small amounts  of uranium.

Responsible consumption and production should still allow everyone to enjoy a high quality of life, with sufficient energy supplies to enable the achievement of all of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Nuclear power plants supply large amounts of electricity from compact sites, using fuel that has the potential to be recycled.

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Nuclear energy is making
a massive contribution to combating climate change

Nuclear plants avoid the emission of over 2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

 The effects of climate change caused by anthropogenic (human-caused) emissions are numerous and far-reaching.

New nuclear power plants can be deployed at scale, enabling rapid decarbonization of a country’s electricity generation mix.

Nuclear can supply the electricity and heat needed to support sustainable industrialisation

Innovative designs allow nuclear reactors to operate in new locations and enable decarbonisation in new applications beyond electricity supply.

High-temperature reactors will offer an alternative to fossil fuels for process heat and provide new options for hydrogen production.

Innovations in nuclear fuel can enhance the performance of reactors in operation today.

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Nuclear power plants provide large amounts of clean, reliable, affordable energy

Meeting this increasing demand for electricity by burning fossil fuels is not sustainable. Switching to clean technologies such as nuclear energy is vital.

Demand for electricity is increasing, driven by a growing global population, increasing electrification of energy supply, and the needs of the billions of people who still don’t have access to affordable and reliable electricity supplies.


If the world is to help lift people out of poverty and meet energy demand, then significant investment in low-cost, low-carbon nuclear energy is needed.

Content Sourced from the World Nuclear Association October 2021